Customized Software Solutions

The aeon of e-commerce goes hand-in-hand with express and just-in-time delivery. As a result, Logistics operations need to be delineated even expeditiously and in greater detail. GreenTrans is one such software developed by the highly talented and experienced developers of GreenSoft Solutions Pvt Ltd. Which aims at bridging the gap between the stockrooms and the roads. We are an unconventional cloud based Cargo business management solution that simplifies bookings, operations, tracking and monitoring of goods that are to be delivered in real time.

GreenTrans boosts the way logistics businesses functions, by refining the operations and business management with the help of technology. It helps cargo operators to manage, process, and locate a large number of goods across a range of routes. The platform helps operators in making decisions by giving them accurate and authentic data and resulting in reports on revenue while providing real life communication updates.

The Software Has The Following Distinctive Attributes: -

It's user friendly as anybody with basic technical knowledge can operate and work on our software in a hassle-free manner.

It's a multi platform software which provides is users with a choice to work on. Therefore, it’s available Google Play Store on web and also as your desktop application on your PC.

There's no sort of compromise on customer’s data, as the same can be accessed only via secured username and password.

It can be customized easily as per the customer’s operations requirements. Be it a small, large, overseas, or domestic business, our product has got it all covered for your business.

Dynamic Query Builder

Database can be integrated to customer's Portal for Browser Based Reporting & Tracking.

Time to time reports are available which will definitely enhance decision making.

We target to assist our users with other modules as well, namely Operations, Stationery Inventory, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Fleet Management, and Application Management, along with logistics as a whole.