About Us

About The Company

GreenSoft Solutions Pvt Ltd is a budding IT Enterprise which is owned, lead and managed by a crew of highly skilled professionals who are/ have been dedicatedly working in the industry for providing IT solutions to their clients for a span of more than 12 years.
In today’s scenario where e-commerce has forced us to give up traditional ways of conducting business, Logistics, both as a function and department, is equally important as building a loyal customer base is to any business. And, clearly in this fast running world we cannot ignore IT because every possible thing we can think of is linked to and through IT, generally. Thus, GreenSoft is consistently intended to provide unmatched, worthier and upmarket IT services from the very inceptive conceptualization, analysis, perusal, and designing, through the execution, tutoring, training, and day-to-day support and management.
Whilst IT is the backbone of almost every business in today’s world. Also, now that every venture wishes to stand apart from others, and are unique in their own terms, thus it is ideally difficult that one software with same features will cater each business’s requirement. Henceforth, a tailor-made solution is what every business requires and that’s exactly what GreenSoft Solutions provides. Be it a small or a big venture, in India or outside India, we have got it all covered for you. We begin with gaining understanding about your venture, analysing your requirements, and then deliver you the most appropriate and suitable software with the relevant features.

Customer satisfaction is our priority because we believe that “Because of the client, WE EXIST!”. One of the many crucial factors for the growth, expansion and stability of any business is Customer Satisfaction. We aim at achieving the same by gratifying top-notch work, the sharing of knowledge, and offering proactive customer service.
GreenSoft has a pool of highly committed and qualified human resources that cover a wide range of experience, ranging from 2 years to 15 years in the relevant areas. We also have a troupe of more than 20 eminently experienced professionals who are dedicated towards total customer’s satisfaction.

Our Philosophy has always been placed around the client. We are keen at not only maintaining our customer base but also, providing consistency in our work to our clients. To achieve this, we work at maintaining a high retention rate. This not only motivates our staff but also, gives the client a sense of comfort and confidence. Obviously because one doesn’t have to discuss the same things multiple times, saving time and resources as well.

  • Because the client has an urgency, We Must Be Quick.
  • Because the client has high expectations, We Must Excel.
  • Because the list of satisfied clients is expanding, We Have the Hope of Increasing Clientele.
  • Because the client has a choice,We Must be the Best Choice.
  • Because the client has sensibilities, We Must be Considerate.
  • Because the client is unique, We Must be Flexible.
  • Because of the client, We Exist!